Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Real Beginning

I went to Bruce's on the weekend and caught up with him and met Tim. Bruce was nice enough to show me some of his Chocolate Bengos up close and they were very nice, quite large and had very nice type, one in particular he had exhibited before and it was quire impressive. We chatted for some time about Bengalese and also Zebras. Unfortunately I could not stay long as I needed to get back to Sydney to beat the traffic on the long weekend and also let my new Self Bengos from Tim settle in at home for the night.
They are very nice. There are two chocolates one dark chestnut and three light chestnuts. A few of them were not in good feather and had been plucked by other birds prior so it will be a while before I can take a reasonable photo of them. They are fairly small little guys compared to the show Self Bengos such as Bruces and smaller again compared to the pair of Sydney show pieds that I have currently. From what I understand there is a lot of work to be done to develop most Selfs into such Size and Type.
For now I am very excited to have a couple of Selfs for myself and also pleased that I have a few colours that seem a bit special to me which are the Chestnuts.

So..Yay!. Let the games begin!