Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chestnut Self Bengo.1

One of the less seen colours of the pied Bengalese in Australia  is the Chestnut and because of this the Self Chestnut Bengo is a particularly rare find. The finch exhibitors club of Sydney have judging classes for Chocolate and Ginger (Fawn) at this stage and I can assume that this is largely due to these two coulours being far more common. The Chestnut it would seem is a far less common mutation of the Aussie Bengo particularly when compared to the Fawn and Chocolates. By nature the Chestnut Bengo varies quite a lot between shades of dark/light and red/brown. With my Self Bengalese I believe I have one pair of Dark Chestnuts and one pair of Light Chestnuts. To the left is one of my Dark Chestnuts.  The BBS colour standard describes the desired Chestnut colour as a "Dark Coffee Brown" so I would say that the picture to the left and bellow are similar to this nominated standard.

 My pair of (dark) Chestnuts have gone down to nest now and they have been sitting on 6 eggs for a week now. Time will tell in a few days to a weeks time as to how many eggs are fertile. We shall see......

 Overseas the Chestnut can also be called the "Moccabrown" (seen in left picture)

 To the left you can see the difference between my Darker Chestnut (left in picture) and what can be called a Dilute Chestnut (right in picture)

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