Friday, October 28, 2011

The Bengo Colours

Here is a comprehensive list from overseas of the Bengo colours represented on a poster.

This list is from overseas and a large amount of the colours are not available in Australia or the status is unknown. The Bengos that are known to be in Australia are highlighted Red  

Self chocolate 1 (Pictured is the Euro Self)  
Self chestnut 2  
Self-fawn 3  
Chocolate dilute 4  (in the past but presently unknown)  
Chestnut dilute 5  
Fawn dilute 6   (in the past but presently unknown) 
Chestnut clearwing 7  
Fawn clearwing 8  
Self black-grey 9  
Self chestnut-grey 10  
Black-grey dilute 11  
Chestnut-grey dilute 12  
Chestnut clearwing 13  
Self fawn-grey 14  
Fawn grey dilute 15  
Fawn grey clearwing 16  
Cream ino 17  
Grey ino 18  
Self-white 19  
Albino 20  
Marked-whitehead 21  
Marked-with-eyering 22  
Marked-with-cap 23  
Fawn-marked-with-cap 24  
Chocolate-and-white 25  
Chestnut-and-white 26  
Chocolate crested 27  
Fawn crested 28  
White crested 29
Selfblack-grey frill 30

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