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Although it deals primarily with the ‘Euro’ Self Bengalese from overseas, this book provides excellent basic information essential for both the beginner and experienced breeder. It is also the ‘Breeders’ Choice’ of book on this species in Australia (and around the world) and will help even the most experienced breeders and exhibitors to continue to develop and further understand some of the finer points of breeding and exhibiting Bengalese Finches.

The information and content generally applies equally to our Australian Bengalese Finch. Elements covered in the book include the general description, colour and feather structure of the bird, mutation inheritance, husbandry, breeding, preparation for show and the history and origins of the Bengalese.

The normally complicated genetics of the Bengalese Finch are dealt with in a pictorial way that is simple and easy to understand, and the book goes into exhaustive detail about all of the individual Bengalese Finch mutations, including some of the more recent colours such as the Grey series, Clearwings and Dilutes. These are illustrated by 50 wonderfully presented glossy colour photographs throughout the 142 pages of the book.

The amount of detail in The Bengalese Finch is exceptional.
The Bengalese is a well-respected publication preferred by Australian and overseas enthusiasts.

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The book Munias and Mannikins by Robin Restall is an excellent book for those interested in the finches of the Lonchura family and is a comprehensive detailed study of these birds. There is some great information regarding the Bengalese and its origins relating to the White Rumped Munia. You can buy the book on and here is a customer review from the site....

"This is a first class effort to arrange all the finches commonly known as Munias and Mannikins. The text is very well researched and the information contained is well written and easily understood. The crowning glory of this book is the paintings of all the known Munias and Mannikins, including the subspecies. The author has studied the majority of the described birds in their native habitiat and can, therefore speak with authority on some of the fascinating habits of these wonderful little birds. This book is worth the price, for the paintings and drawings alone. I feel certain that this fine book will become a classic reference for this group of finches for many years to come."        Amazon Customer

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