Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sexing Bengalese 2

People employ some different methods for sexing Bengalese.  I believe the only way to be sure you have a Cockbird is to see it crow and through a process of elimination you will be hopefully be left with your Hens. This takes time and I know that when people must try and sex Bengalese immediately, like at a bird dealer they often use the method where the underside of the lower mandible is sharp and pointed like an upside down v for a hen and in comparison to the cock that presents more of a rounded point like an upside down u. See picture below

This is the best example that I could find from a half dozen of my Self Bengalese at the time and I have to say that the others were not so obvious. So again the most reliable method to sex your Bengalese, ecpecially at home is to watch for the crowing cockbird.

Another method used by Breeders in Australia and Overseas is shown bellow. Hold gently and let your  Bengalese dangle by its neck (best try indoors first) between your fingers, this does not hurt the bird as long as you are not squeezing it. With this method the male's tail will point straight down and the female's will be kicked back slightly. From what I have been told this is a less reliable method with younger birds especially under 9 months to a year old.