Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working Towards a Recessive White

Here is a group of my Dilute (Pastel) Ginger Bengalese that I am selectively breeding over time to develop a completely diluted or recessive white bird. Unfortunately as you can see I'm quite a long way off yet.

The Recessive White can be identified by having a horne coloured beak and is often still called a Dilute Fawn by many, however I would think that it presents much more like a white bird than Fawn (Ginger). The two images below are not from Australia.

The more commonly known white is the Dark Eyed White (DEW) which is in Canary terms a Clear Pied or 100% Pied bird. The DEW has a pink beak and looks quite different to the Reccesive white due to the pied factor removing all pigment in the beak and legs.

Why do I want to breed a recessive white, because I believe it is the key to breeding a true Grey series Bengalese Mutation in Australia (which doesn't currently exist here).... but that discussion is for another day.  :-)

Final note;
I'm humbled to always see hits to this Blog continually, so sorry for being a bit light on the blog entries but a big thanks to all that aparently see enough value in my ramblings to return for futher visits.
Cheers and enjoy your Bengos!