Sunday, February 10, 2013

Articles in ABK

I have been fortunate enough to have two articles that I have written about Bengalese in the last two issues of Australian Bird Keeper for 2012.
Big thanks to ABK for giving me a chance and assisting in the promotion of the Bengalese finch in Australia.

Photobox (Carton) 1

Under this Label "Photobox", I'll post some of my photos that I have taken in my first Makeshift Photobox. I made this photobox simply by lining the inside of a beer carton with individual, battery powered adhesive LED lights. I made a perch from some dowel and then put a white paper backdrop. It looked completely rough as guts from the outside but after you crop the image on Photoshop it turned out really well. The other key is using an SLR camera or at least one that can be manually adjusted for exposure or shutter speed.

Chocolate Self Above. This is one of my first images taken like this and it is a bit grainy (Noise) and this is because my ISO was not set correctly.

Chocolate Self Above, That's better..

Chestnut Self Above

Dilute Ginger Pied Above