Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Sydney Bengos

The first Bengos that I got in Sydney, as previously mentioned were Chocolate Pied (Variegated). I bought them from the very friendly Harry at Enfield Produce, there are often a good variety of Australian and Foreign finches there and Harry's family look after their customers very well.
When I bought these Bengos Harry had a few that had very little white on them and often when I have called in over the years he will usually have some Bengos (he calls them Mannikin Finches) that are getting close to the Self with very small amount of white on them.
To the left is the Cockbird, he has a resonable amount of white on him although he has fair markings

Click here to view Harry's Enfield Produce site

This is the Henbird on the right and she only has a tiny bib of white under the Beak and a spot of white under the rump. Her underbelly markings are not particularly pronounced and the scolloping under the bib is not as defined as the cock bird (See an example of the birds natural scolloping in the wild here look at the top green picture) but she is a good example of an "Almost Self" as I have called them before :-)

To the left is a nice image of the pair and in this pic you can see the light penciling marks on the back of the Henbird on the left.

So it was with these birds that my appetite was wet and after months of looking at these little guys I quickly grew fond of the shape, colours/markings and manner of this lovely finch the Bengo.