Friday, September 30, 2011

Coming True

A lot of the Finch enthusiasts that I have been talking to have been very supportive to people like myself that want to learn but  I noticed from my following correspondances with both Bruce, Tim and James that they were particularly encouraging and forthcoming and almost Patriotic in the ways of the Bengo. Between them I have been gradually growing in my understanding of the Whys and Hows of the Australian Belgalese Mannikin.
A few months passed and Tim informed me that he was going on hollidays soon and would be visiting  Bruce in his travels through NSW. He also told me that although he is not currently breeding them he has a few pairs of Selfs that were originally from James and if I was interested he would bring them down to Bruce's for me. So after a split second of decision making I accepted the offer!!!
So there it was, if everything worked out I might just get hold of some Self Bengos for my own soon and as the few weeks have passed I am meeting up with Tim at Bruce's place this weekend ....Yeah!
Very Excited...Stay tuned...