Saturday, March 23, 2013

Growth Cycle Days 1 - 3

I am going to post a series of pictures that will help to illustrate the various stages of growth in the Bengalese Finch (Society Finch) from hatching through to Fledging. I hope that you enjoy it.

Day Three

Plenty of food in the crops here. The little things almost look stuffed full.

Day One

These Chicks have all hatched around the same Day. Some do not have food in their crops but I am led to believe that they are born with a natural sustenance. I used this picture to forward my concerns about the empty crops on a Social Media page and was told by an experienced Bengalese Breeder that I respect that the top bird displays a yellow patch with he referred to as the "yoke sack". The newly hatch bird uses this food reserve to live until being fed by the young. (This is something I'd like to look into and confirm in the future).

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