Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bit of a Disaster

The weekend before last here in Sydney was a stormy one and I didn't think much of it until my friends wife where my new holding aviary is being built messaged me and told me that the Aviary had tipped over.........unfortunately, my friend has been on holidays for a bit and the Aviary was not secured well enough to support against the very heavy winds.

I was a bit heart broken when i got over to their place. But after a bit of man handling the poor old girl straightened up ok.

Needless to say the Aviary received a dozen 400mm tent pegs for good measure. Live and learn.
The only thing of consequence really is the tracking on the doors it a bit average now to say the least so that will need some work when my friend gets back and we can get back into it.

The saga continues....

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